LET'S GET F%#&$G CREATIVE! Did we get your attention? We bet! We have one of the most creative teams thinking all day and night outside the box. Tell us more about your business and we can bring it to another level with our creative ad campaigns. 



This is the best converting type of video you can ever have for your business. You don’t believe us? Think about the Dollar Shave Club, Old Spice, or the Purple mattress ads. If you don’t know these ads, you are even still in high school or you are living under a rock. A spokesperson ad is a video that is creative and it presents your company/product in the funniest and most effective way possible. This ad is ideal for prospecting and funnels. No matter if you put yourself in front of the camera as the founder of the company or you chose an actor, you HAVE TO HAVE this video. People love connecting and buying from people even through the screen.



Some people are very indecisive and this is where the closing ad comes in handy. We will fight against every possible objection your prospects may have and beat them all. Let’s make those sales rain.

Product demos / Unboxing video

This type of video is very self-explanatory. There are dozens of different product demo and unboxing videos. However, like everything in life, some are more effective than others. Lucky for you, we know which ones are the most profitable.



Let’s show the world how happy and satisfied are your customers with your service or product. We are going to find the most creative and effective way to do that.


These are probably one of the most comment running ads. These are videos that present what feeling your customers have when they are using your service or product - sexy, inspirational, happy… They are perfect for brand awareness.



Do you need someone to film your event and make a masterpiece out of it? We got you! Not only that! If you want, we can even use the footage and make a couple of ads for your convenience.


Are you an educator and you love teaching others about your passion? Let us help you build your course and make things as easy as possible for you. We will cover everything from A to Z - shooting, editing, thumbnails, etc. All you have to do is show up and do what you love.


Of course, one of the most frequently asked questions is HOW MUCH? Well, we don’t what to disappoint you but our answer is… it depends. Every project is different therefore has a different project cost. A two-minute video, for example, may cost way less than another project with the same length. The cost of the project is based on how long the video is, how many actors we need, shooting time, equipment, location, extra services (hair, makeup, etc.), post-production such as editing, color correction, effects, etc. Giving you customized quotes guarantees you that we will never overcharge you for a project that you could’ve paid less for. And don’t worry, we will break the price down for you so you can be sure where every penny is going.




We are so happy to have Julia Tony Stoyanova leading the Velko Academy's CREATIVE MARKETING department. Julia graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting for Puppet Theatre from the National Academy of Theater & Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is the most prestigious theatre college in Bulgaria and the Balkans. In 2016, she moved to the US and began her journey as an actress, improviser, stand-up comedian, comedy sketch writer and teacher. Not long time ago she also graduated from The Conservatory of Second City and became a proud member of Rose Valley Theater Group in Chicago, IL. Julia has a huge experience in writing, producing and directing creative video ads as well as music videos. She is super energetic, creative and HILARIOUS. However, don't let this smile fool you. She is extremely professional and very strict when it comes down to work. If you decide to work with her, you better not be late on set... seriously! Don't even try!