Join the R.I.C.H. Mastermind where you get daily updates, tools, resources, and challenges that will help you uncover your true purpose and ultimate potential. Get to network and find inspiration and real support from fellow mastermind members. 

 We grow together and keep each other accountable, we do the easy things and win daily and we transform through encouragement and self-discipline, self-respect and faith in these four areas that lead to complete freedom.

1. Relationships - Leadership, Marriage, Friendship, Parenting, Networking, Dream Clients, Mentoring, Coaching

2. Inheritance (Wealth) - Financial stability, freedom and legacy

3. Character (Purpose) - Discover or boost your creative talents and unique abilities, Exploring God’s gift through stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new skills, strategies, and systems

4. Health - physical, mental and spiritual. Daily Routine and accountability in the group.

Invest in your future and watch your life change with the R.I.C.H. Mastermind. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become the Elite Version of Yourself!



Investment: $250.00 






Investment: $2070.00 




What you can get from this Mastermind 

FREEDOM is the introductory level in Velko Academy's masterminds. 

Focused on helping individuals become a man or a woman of high quality and value while developing and growing in high-priority areas.

For only $25 A MONTH or $200 A YEAR, you get exclusive access to the following: 

  1. R.I.C.H Syndicate - We support each other's posts on social media to grow our personal brands 
  2. Networking Opportunities - Meet new friends and  partners 
  3. R.I.C.H Content - Virtual, Podcasts, Live meetings 
  4. Tools and Resources - Find Solutions in the group
  5. Access to Velko Academy Life Skills - Virtual Training 
  6. R.I.C.H Challenges -  Keeping each other accountable 
  7. Get $50% off on Monthly LIVE workshops