$1,545.00 USD

WS 3: AutoBiz "CLOSING" LIVE Workshop 5+ 1 Manager Free

5 Salespeople + 1 Manager Free 

You're one step closer to having at least 10x more referrals that would help you build your book of business and increase your income tremendously! 

What you'll get:

➡️ Definition of Closing

➡️ Why we fail in Closing?

➡️ Types of closers

➡️ Silent Walk-around

➡️ The power of Courage

➡️ Collecting vital data for the close

➡️ How to create and effectively use different versions of Evidence Manual

➡️ People believe what they see, not what they hear

➡️ How to create your irresistible offer and how to properly present it to your buyers

➡️ Objections - How to proactively avoid them, or handle them or use them to close the deal

➡️ Negotiations mastery

➡️ Closing tools and resources

➡️ How to maximize profit and efficiency with every buyer


Get ready to see your life change by investing in your future!