$397.00 USD


Get ready to take your business to the next level with the SALES MASTERY Workshop for only $397! 

"Impeccable Process Leads to Remarkable Experience"

What You'll get:

✓What is a SALE?

✓Types of Salespeople

✓Categories of Buyers and Closing Ratio

✓How to build your irresistible offer 

✓How to close the deal without discount, pressure and annoying pitches

✓How to develop and master your own Sales Process 

✓Social Selling - How to sell using social media


✓Learn how to sell without giving a discount.

✓How to offer your buyers a perfect landing and proper alternatives, so they can make a decision with YOU.

✓How to use ALTERNATIVES to eliminate DISCOUNTS.

✓How to offer a world-class presentation and drive VALUE way passed the Price.

✓How to master your Demonstration and lead the buyer to take mental ownership.

✓Learn over dozen powerful Trial Closes, instead of the annoying invitation for a discount (“if I could, would you”).

✓Learn how to sell the Service Department and leverage that to close the deal.

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