$1,545.00 USD

WS 4: AutoBiz "DELIVERY" LIVE Workshop 5+ 1 Manager Free

5 Salespeople + 1 Manager Free 

You're one step closer to having at least 10x more referrals that would help you build your book of business and increase your income tremendously! 

What you'll get:

➡️ How to use special Delivery Checklist to get a new sale on the same day or within the next 72 hours

➡️ How to organize and be impeccable with your paperwork and necessary stipulations

➡️ How to introduce buyers to F&I and set up for back end profit 

➡️ Great Trifecta - How to get a photo with the buyer and the car, video testimonial and minimum 10 referrals on every delivery

➡️ Remarkable and Unforgettable delivery that will create loyal raving fans and many more opportunities 

➡️How to Follow up like a Boss


Get ready to see your life change by investing in your future!