$397.00 USD


Get ready to take your business to the next level with the "Cracking the Code to Referrals" Workshop! This workshop is your ticket to achieving at least 10 referrals, video testimonials, and 5 STAR reviews that will help in building your book of business and increase your income tremendously. 

For only $397! 

Here's What You'll get:

"Cracking the Code to Referrals" Workshop: Discover the insider secrets to unlocking the power of referrals and building a thriving business.

Intention and Purpose: Learn how to align your goals and values with your sales strategy to achieve success with purpose and intention.

Sales Strategy: Master the art of selling with a proven sales strategy that works for you and your business.

Types of Buyer Categories 

Values / Mission / Benefits / Advantages: Understand how to communicate your values and mission to your prospects and highlight the benefits and advantages of your product or service.

Exercises: Put your new knowledge into practice with hands-on exercises that will help you refine your skills and improve your results.

"The Great Trifecta" (How to Get Referrals Every Time): Discover the three essential elements to getting referrals every time, and put them into practice in your business.

Learn how to get referrals from your sales

How to work  by appointment only.

"Follow Up Like a Boss" (How to Get an Appointment with Every Conversation): Learn how to follow up effectively and turn every conversation into an opportunity to schedule an appointment with a prospect.

Collect Referrals and Testimonials at the Workshop and Schedule Appointments with Prospects: Leave the workshop with referrals and testimonials in hand, and the skills to schedule appointments with prospects and turn them into loyal customers.

Why you need to get this workshop: 

1. You will get clarity about the long-term vision for your business
2. You will learn how to get referrals from every buyer
3. You will collect your first referrals and testimonials from the workshop
4. You will leave equipped to build a massive book of business
5. You will receive support and helpful tools for your specific business and industry or cause

Invest in your future and watch your life change with the "Cracking the Code to Referrals" Workshop. Don't miss out on this opportunity to achieve unprecedented success in your business.